Give your materials a polished, professional look.

Pre-folded, assembled and glued 
Durable card stocks, with matte finish
Customisable pockets, plus a business card slot on the right side

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Looking to impress customers and employees alike with a professional polished look?

Come prepared for business meetings, conferences, proposals and more with custom presentation folders. These high-quality folders have a slot for your business cards and two inside pockets mean you can use them to store important documents and keep them from creasing. They’re easy to design, convenient to pack or store and durable enough to put in the post. So, browse our wide selection of templates for both personal and professional needs or upload your own design. 

Design tips
Be memorable – put your logo and tagline (if you have one) on the front.
Keep your design simple, so you don’t distract from what’s inside.
Include your contact and social network info, so clients can reach you easily.

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